Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Want some SFX?

If your answer is yes, then you definitely need to check out the RT SunAngel DARK series of printers with white and CMYK toners and DayBold Fluorescent White and Color toners.

Special Effects on Heat Transfer Images for DARK Apparel powered by RhinoTech.

This is the series of printers, toners and weedless heat transfer paper that will let you generate special effects on black and white t-shirts and other apparel. The RT SunAngel DARK series of printers features brilliant fluorescent colors and white toner and vivid CMYK colors that can be directly transferred to black, dark and light colored apparel. The addition of Textile Metallic Foil and/or Rhinestones help to create even more powerful special effects.

The RTSunAngel systems are especially significant today with the limitless appeal of black and white apparel and/or stunning, multi-colored t-shirts. These fashion statements are especially on-trend (and unisex) when wearing bold, black and white graphics and color-blocked apparel with a bit of brilliance under a blazer or with distressed jeans. They are easy to design/print because the RT SunAngel series affords a way to generate intense color and white effects for customers who desire one or 200 pieces. 

This is all you need!

To print on DARK apparel, the RT SunAngel DARK series includes the 33SC printerwith CMYK toners, the RT 33WB with white toner, the RT 33DC with brilliant DayBold Fluorescent color and the RT 33DW with DayBold Fluorescent White and RTSunAngel DARK heat transfer paper that is weedless.

To print on white and light colored apparel, the system includes the RT 33SC printer with CMYK toners, the RT 33DC with Fluorescent colors and weedless, SingleStep heat transfer paper. Apparel that is 100% cotton, a 50/50 blends and/or Polyester can be used with either system.

Multi-Purpose Printers!

SinglePrint heat transfer paper from RhinoTech can also be used with the 
RT SunAngel series of printers. Produce vivid images that transfer to hard surfaces such as metal, ceramic, wood, plastic and glass. 
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