Thursday, June 5, 2014

RhinoTech Salutes the Explorer

 One is a chef. The list also includes a mayor, a governor, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff, a Prime Minister, the CEO of Youtube, the "science guy", an English teacher, a musician, a screen writer, a high school senior. Their common thread is that all have been high school or college commencement speakers in 2014. From the virtually humorless to the mostly humorous speeches, the speakers were passionate that maintaining a life-long passion for learning (that combines higher education, travel, volunteerism, work and life experiences) that is essential to achieving a life of fulfillment.

RhinoTech Agrees.

Gathering wisdom and knowledge is what lifelong learning is all about. It is about the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons" (thanks Wikipedia). When we relate it to our professional selves and the affects on our screen, graphics and digital printing businesses, it reflects on the need to continually learn about new screen cleaning technology, digital printing techniques, learning how to blend digital and traditional screen/graphics printing and screen cleaning methods under one roof, what our competition is doing, pricing and more.

Explore and Be Inspired.

As an industry specialist, we must explore and compare all options when figuring out the way to capture new and keep current business. Essentially, there is no room for a die-hard and tradition  if a business is to thrive. Instead of feeling sick when you turn away a customer who wants 1 or 20 shirts printed and you can't offer it because of textile screen set-up charges, discover a better way to fulfill these requests. Complement your traditional screen printing endeavor and increase your profit margin in a new way that fits your business. Explore digital printing options from RhinoTech.

Let us work with you to figure out how to incorporate new technology into your existing space, explore digital heat transfer equipment, such as SunAngel DARK printers, heat presses and toners.

And, be inspired to know that you can implement this type of system by spending $1,879 to get started or under $5,300 for a pro set-up that takes up little space and inventory needs. And, the learning curve is minimal!

Just like a new grad, remain excited to explore all opportunities about your craft. It's important to do what you love and believe in with the equipment and supplies that are right for you. If you want a little travel (that is a part of life-long learning) to help inspire you, we invite you to spend some time with us in our Distribution/Training Center. Receive some hands-on training and leave fulfilled.

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